Frost Lord

Ruler of the High Marches and King of the Shivering Peaks


The Frost Lord of the Shivering Peaks was the ruler of the High Marches until the War of Frost took place.

His rule extended several centuries before his fall from power, he his the responsible for the creation of the ice wraiths and the frozen vanguard, which still exist within the Shivering Peaks.

It is unknown how he came to power, but it is assumed he conquered the former empires of Men and Dwarves, who seem to have the most recorded history prior to his rule, however, they do not mention any battles before or after his reign began, only that he was there. Many at the Bardic College assume that they were destroyed by his generals, so that moral could be crushed among the populace he enslaved, as they cannot fathom a reason they would have been removed or simply not recorded otherwise.

The histories of the Dwarves seem to have the most details of his rule, being as they were closer to his home in the Frostwinders. Many scrolls mention great bellows and cries from the mountain as if screaming in agony, which is attributed to the rise of the Frozen Vanguard, an army of the dead ruled by the Frost Lord.

Frozen Vanguard

An army comprised solely of the dead who were slain by the Frost Lord himself. The army is assumed to have been formed prior to the Great Battle and possibly during the enslavement of the High Marches, as the Frost Lord never ventured from his keep anytime in recorded history after the lands were under his control.
The army is known to be slow but unwavering. Armed with enchanted frost weapons and armor, even when unarmed their bodies are as strong and thick as the ice that runs in their veins.

Frost Lords Armies

The armies of the Frost Lord were by the large majority made up of mercenary goblins and humans. His generals were also goblins and humans who had been gifted with the lesser powers of the Frost Lord. The most notable general was Belfordiir.

Frost Lord

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