Check out the Main Page of the wiki for information on most aspects of the games lore.

You can also check out the Characters Page for info on NPC’s and other players in the game.

Players will be starting in a town known as Blackstone! So add to your back story why you are there.

Use THIS as your character sheet. I hate the ones on this site. The google doc one is a hell of a lot easier too.

When creating a character see Example PC for an idea on what goes where.
Races, classes and everything else can be taken from any book without permission as long as you cite the book and the LA is no greater than 2. Homebrew content requires permission from the GM. Keep in mind that homebrew races will have an override from me on parts of your backstory if your race is different enough to warrant putting the rest of the race somewhere the party doesn’t fully know about yet to keep the world consistent. “Oh, how have we missed this lost civilization of bird-men for thousands of years when their city was always right next to us!”

Back Stories: Are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Writing a back story = advantage. (Must be at least two paragraphs, more work = more reward.)

Journal: Writing a journal in character after a session, but before the next will give your character an in-game bonus as well. (Must be at least a paragraph, more work = more reward.)

The Items, Forums, Calendar, Maps and Comments sections here will go unused. Check Facebook or your Google Character sheet for that info


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